Full transparency allowing you to decide before signing.

Below you will find the different types of agreements between you and Symphonic Distribution for the range of services we offer. You are welcome to review these and if you have any further questions, please create a ticket via our help center.

Music Distribution Agreement

This agreement highlights all of the terms and conditions if you own and operate a record label and wish to have it distributed by us and/or if you are an artist. Agreement highlights our percentage, quarterly payment details, thresholds, and more.

Video Distribution

Want to get your music video seen by the world? Check out our terms and conditions to learn more about what is legally involved in distributing your music video to VEVO and other providers around the world! Learn more via our Help Center.

Neighboring Rights Admin.

If you operate a record label, you are able to apply for Neighboring Rights Administration once you become a fully distributed client. Being one of the only distributors to offer this, the agreement terms are public for everyone to review and read. The service is only available to record labels that are signed to Symphonic Distribution. Learn more via our Help Center.

Publishing Administration

If you are a songwriter (artist) you are able to sign up to our Publishing Administration service which is a partnership with Songtrust. For only $100 per songwriter, you get your works registered worldwide in over 100 countries. Learn more about Publishing via our Help Center.

YouTube Content ID

Using YouTube’s “Content ID” tool, we’ll fingerprint your audio and/or video files to ensure your music is protected and monetized on YouTube. Once signed up you can also submit videos for us to manually claim and if approved, those videos will additionally be added to your account. Learn more about YouTube via our Help Center.

YouTube Channel Mgmt

Symphonic can help to grow and optimize your channel by providing channel monetization services. Available in multiple languages, we understand the technical steps to take to get your channel to gain subscribers and views. Learn more about YouTube via our Help Center.

Soundcloud Monetization

For years artists and record labels have utilized Soundcloud as a tool to promote and post their music. Now, those same artists and record labels can monetize their music on the platform. Available in the US, Symphonic Distribution is able to monetize profiles and assist along the way! Learn more via our Help Center.

Sample Pack Distribution

Symphonic has a relationship with a few sample pack providers and plans to develop this service much more in the future. With that said, if you are a artist and/or record label we can help you with the production of your sample pack and distribute it to the masses. Learn more about Sample Packs and our Distribution service via our Help Center.

Sync Licensing

Our in house licensing program works towards pitching your music to music supervisors, trailer houses, ad agencies, and much more.  We always recommend songwriters register their material with our Publishing Administration service prior to signing up to this and this service is per application and review. Learn more about Sync Licensing via our Help Center.