Bulk Import (CSV)

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Bulk Import (CSV)

PLEASE READ: Before you begin bulk importing releases it’s imperative that you ensure all your labels are added to your account first. Otherwise the import will fail. Once this is done, please create a folder for each catalog number listed in your CSV file.

The folder name must match the catalog number and must contain the audio files in wav format with a 3000×3000 JPG release cover. All file names must match entries inside the CSV file you are importing.

If you are having problems with your FTP account or have any questions or issues, please create a ticket and we will advise as soon as possible.

Below are your FTP Details:
HOST ADDRESS: ftp.symphonicms.com
PORT: 21

After your files are successfully uploaded, you can then upload the csv (please ensure it’s a windows comma separated values CSV to ensure proper uploading). If you need assistance, we’ve prepared supporting documentation and a Sample.csv for you to see how to do this. Should you have any questions, please reach out to your support representative.
Once you hit “Process” your import job will begin. We have now enabled a feature for you to be notified when the import job has concluded. The success report will be sent to the email address you have on file with us.
UPDATE 05/11/2015: We now have added in manual iTunes pre-order dates. You can set what date your releases are activated for pre-order. If you don’t want a pre-order on a release you can leave the field blank. See documentation for additional reference. UPDATE 16/11/2016: You can add up to 99 tracks for a release. Any tracks exceeding the 99 tracks limit will be skipped during import.