Are you looking for ways to make more money from your Music? Stems are a hidden asset that you can monetize!

Get yours out there. All of these business Use Cases (left copy) are looking for stemmed music content. Link read more >>.

If you have your music stemmed today that is great! But, if you don’t, Stemit will do it for you.

Starting at only $9 per song you can have two or four stems delivered to you in hours, then Stemit and Symphonic put them into distribution.

Symphonic has partnered with Stemit to deliver (exclusively for Symphonic users) a fast, reliable and full automated service to get you on the path to additional revenue from your music’s hidden assets.

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  • Immersive Audio

    If you own a catalog or compose, immersive audio is the hot must-have format—and it requires stems.

  • Sync/Film/TV/Advertising

    Have your stems for every pitch. Stemit is quick and affordable, so be ready.

  • Karaoke

    Turn master recordings into karaoke tracks, and jump into this massive market.

  • Remixes

    Boost creative potential by allowing people to use and remix your stems.

  • Education/Learning

    Benefit from isolating a specific instrument track when you’re learning new music.

  • Mobile Applications

    Develop and create exciting new platforms that increase your audience involvement.






You Keep

100% of Royalties

75% of Royalties

50% of Royalties

25% of Royalties