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We are a full-service distributor and label services company

Built by independents, for independents

Read this letter from our Founder & CEO, a producer and DJ who founded Symphonic in 2006 and blazed the trail for independent distribution with a reputation for incredible client service and truly caring for the careers of independent artists and record labels.

Music industry internships, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion

We place independent music and people over profits every time.

We’ve been on the scene for 13 years. It’s in our DNA.

  • Symphonic is 100% independent
  • Not owned or controlled by a major record label or other company
  • Wide variety of genre experts and cutting-edge marketers in-house
  • In business since 2006, built by indie artists for indie artists and labels
  • Full capabilities in English and Spanish, as well as other languages
  • Our huge partner network reaches India, Russia, China, Korea and more
  • Reliable, personal, and fast support on any issue or question you have.
  • Offices in Brooklyn, Nashville, Tampa, Denver, and Bogota, Colombia
  • One of the industry’s most extensive and easily searchable databases of best practices, in-depth articles, and more
  • We answer every single email, and we are there for our clients.

Digital Distribution

Our core distribution offering includes:

  • Digital distribution of your music to  wide array of streaming partners and download stores like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, TIDAL, Deezer, Beatport, and many more
  • Monthly payments, reporting, and analytics in an easy-to-use platform
  • Enhanced Analytics platform available for more data insights
  • Growing list of new partners such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, VK (Russia), Tencent (China), TouchTunes, and more
  • Consideration for playlist pitching and marketing by our expert, in-house team (given the time involved, this is provided on an invite-only basis)
  • Promo mailer and other powerful marketing platforms.
  • Catalog loading assistance — if needed, our team will load content for you
Music industry internships, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion

Additional Offerings

The following features and capabilities are fulfilled by our expert team and are available in addition to our core distribution service offering. Because of the time-intensive nature of these services, additional fees or percentages will apply, depending on the situation.

  • Music video distribution to Apple, VEVO, TIDAL, and others
  • Professional sync licensing via our in-house brand, Bodega Sync
  • Publishing Administration for artists, record labels, and more
  • Flexible % fees for different releases with different needs
  • Additional forms of distribution: sample packs, STEMS, cover songs
  • Custom marketing campaign management (social media and advertising)
  • Creative design services to better market your brand and releases
  • Pre-Save and Pre-Add pages for promotional use
  • Expert YouTube services, in English and Spanish:
    • Content ID
    • Optimization
    • Composition Collection
    • Channel Management

Artists We’ve Distributed