YouTube Optimization

Increase your channel's potential and visibility

Develop a custom strategy that fits your needs and increases the visibility of your videos.

Let us help your videos get discovered.

Our service entails the following:

Channel Assessment

We’ll perform a deep dive and see the areas that need fine tuning as well as let you know what we’ll do to help your channel become optimized.

Metadata Cleanup

After a thorough channel assessment your video content and channel will be tagged with rich and relevant keywords in improve presence in search and recommended videos

Channel Strategy

A best-practices content release strategy will be customized to your channel’s needs, including recommendations for release scheduling, graphic design and metadata fixes.


A report on your channel’s analytics and metrics will be provided in conjunction with your content strategy document, highlighting how you can help your channel grow and thrive.

The service takes up to four weeks and requires a one-time fee of $500 prior to all information necessary to carry out the service.

Begin the process of optimizing your channel