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What is ACRCloud?

ACRCloud is an audio recognition service provider, it provides Music Recognition, Copyright Compliance, Shazam-like feature, Cover Song Detection and Broadcast Monitoring to the music industry. It has indexed over 72m tracks in its music fingerprinting database. It serves customers such as Deezer, Anghami, Alibaba, Audiomack, Xiaomi, Musixmatch etc.

What does ACRCloud do?

ACRCloud helps Symphonic and other distributors to check the copyrighted content in user-uploaded content, ACRCloud detects the music in UGC and return the enriched metadata (including copyright relevant metadata such as rights owners) of the songs to Symphonic, so Symphonic could identify if the songs that uploaded by the creators are their own songs or copyrighted content. ACRCloud and Symphonic help creators to protect their music not being stolen and help the industry to be more healthy.

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How does it help Symphonic?

Using ACRCloud’s technology, we can ensure that every right holder’s material will be scanned against the catalog that ACRCloud represents thus ensuring that we can detect infringement before it goes out to a DSP. This level of scanning can detect what the human eye and ear can’t and ensures that we distribute content from clients that is 100% original and cleared. Clients of Symphonic will also have their catalog delivered to ACRCloud to ensure that anyone that uses their material is also flagged for review prior to distribution.

Why trust Symphonic with ACRCloud:

ACRCloud and Symphonic are the leaders in their areas, they work together to protect creators and the industry from copyrighted content. ACRCloud works with a number of different DSPs and companies and they will continue to make improvements to their technology that we believe will be beneficial to all rights holders.