Pricing Page
Distribution Focused
Sign Up Fee for Distribution $0 We do not charge a sign up fee if we earn a percentage of royalties!
Distribution of Your Music (Standard Plan)
Note: We also offer flexible Distribution options on a case by case basis.
15% of Royalties If approved under this standard plan you can deliver your releases to 200+ partners. Spotify, TikTok, Amazon, and many more! Includes free UPCs & ISRCs
Public Page for Pitches Free A promotional page with audio previews that can be sent to tastemakers and friends to preview your release.
Release Updates (Per Release) Free Send updates for your release(s) if small mistakes are made (subject to admin approval)
Takedowns (Per Release) Free An automated module that allows you to take down your release(s) (subject to admin approval)
Additional Profiles Under Account Free Every release needs a label, if you wish to have an additional one aside of your artist or main label name, this is the fee to add
Account Memberships Free You can have designated roles under your profile. Enable access for Royalties, Analytics, Content
SymphonicMS Free Our tool to allow you to release and manage your music to the world
Royalties / Payments
Threshold for Payment $50 If you do not make this minimum payment threshold, it rolls over month to month until you do
Monthly Royalty Reporting & Payments (If over threshold) Free Get monthly reports from our partners to get a more accurate snapshot month to month. Get paid if over threshold
Statement Summaries Free See which tracks, releases, content formats sold or streamed in a given reporting period
Sales Trends / Estimates Free Receive daily estimates on how your releases are doing with our partners
Expenses Free Manage/Add expenses before generating artist royalty statements
Artist Royalty Summaries Free Review royalty reports by artists, set allocations, and more
SplitPay and Reporting Free Invite collaborators and pay them a share of your royalties! (We do not charge you to invite collaborators!)
Rights & UGC
YouTube Content ID 30% / Custom We'll protect and monetize your content using YouTube's Content ID platform. Claiming, dispute, and conflict resolution. (Included in standard deal and/or via opt in).
YouTube Channel Management 30% / Custom Let us manage your channel and/or the channels of your artists
YouTube Composition 30% / Custom We’ll collect Publishing royalties from your YouTube assets on Content ID
YouTube Optimization $500 We will provide you with a customized report, standards, best practices, and tweak your YouTube channel for you to have success.
Soundcloud Profile Monetization 30% Utilize Soundcloud monetization for claiming royalties on ad-generating plays
Video Distribution Starts at $95 & 30% Distribute music videos to Vevo, Apple Music, TIDAL, Facebook Premium Music Videos, & Vimeo + upgrade to include more premiere partners
Publishing Administration (Partnered with Songtrust) $100 Sign Up / 15% of Royalties Get your songs administered and registered in over 100+ countries
Neighboring Rights 30% Earn royalties for your sound recordings performed publicly, via broadcast radio and more
Complementary to Distribution
Cover Song Licensing $14.99 + Royalties per license Partnership with Easy Song Licensing allowing individiuals to legitimately license music and do a cover song
Ringtone Distribution Core Distribution Rate Provide your own created ringtones to iTunes
Tracklib Core Distribution Rate Submit your catalogue for other producers to legally sample it. Requires Onboarding
Sample Packs 30% Distribution of loops and sounds to and our own sample pack store
Soundscan Registration $5 / $19.99 per registration Register singles or albums to Nielsen's Soundscan
Lyrics Submission to Apple, Musixmatch Free Submit your song lyrics to Apple Music and through our partnership with Musixmatch
Lyrics Submission to LyricFind $50 per song Get your lyrics on all of the major platforms via our partnership with LyricFind
Physical Distribution Rates Vary We will distribute your Physical products to leading retailers. For USA only and per application.
Promotional Services
Feature Requests & Playlist Promotion Free Submit the marketing drivers forms 4-6 weeks before your release to qualify
Sync Representation by Bodega Sync (Per Approval) No upfront cost, commissions are variable based on terms Pitching for sync opportunities in various forms of media, full representation for licensing deals
Pre-Saves and More w/ Hypeddit! Free / $9.99 mo You can create free Pre-Saves within our platform through our partnership with Hypeddit! In addition, you have access to a slew of additional VIP promotional services for a low price of $9.99 a month!
Marketing Diagnostic/Audience & Brand Analysis $400 One-Time Fee & Deliverable
Detailed Release Specific Marketing Strategy $3,000 Single/EP (3 months)
$5,000 Album (6 months)
One-Time Fee & Deliverable
Digital Advertising Strategy & Implementation Starting at $1,000/20% Campaign Management Fee One-Time Fee & Deliverable
Analytics & Trends
Daily Streaming Analytics Free Streaming and Playlist data from Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Deezer, Pandora and more! See how your marketing campaign is performing with various analytics tools that you have access to every day and for free!
Download Stats (Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes) Free Track your sales on Beatport, iTunes, and more retailers
Help center & ticketing system Free Access our knowledge database and create tickets for our support team to help resolve your issues
Client Development, Management, and Support Free Via our blog and through direct interactions via our Help Desk, you'll receive development support to help expand your reach
Dedicated Client Representative Subject to custom rate A dedicated client representative can be assigned via a custom rate
Additional services available
Rotor Videos Starts at $18 Create your own music video with our partnership, click here
Copyright Registration (CoSynd) $20 per application This is an easy and simple way for you to register your copyrights, click here
Sample Pack Store $19.99+ per pack Our retail brand, Symphonic For Production is a great way for you to get samples for your productions at a reduced rate, click here
Release Cover Design $195 + Partner A solid release cover improves your chanceds of being featured. Your own one of a kind digital release cover that will stand out in a crowd. We additionally have a partnership with Cover Art Factory that will let you create covers on your own!
Release Packages Starting at $220 Bundled Design packages aimed at helping you get the most assets possible
Contract Templates Starting at $49 Get over 40 contracts that you can use to do business or, buy them a-la-carte
Song Mastering $50 per song 48 hour delivery, 44khz / 24 bit delivery, Custom, No AI!
Song Mix & Master $300 per song 48 hour delivery, 44khz / 24 bit delivery, Custom, No AI!
Song Mastering Package Subject to custom rate 20+ Tracks, Special Requirements, Longer Term Projects, STEM Mastering
Promo Mailer Starts at £5/mo. Send a promo version of your release to email lists; fans, media, etc.
Bandcamp Upload $9.99/mo. Let us upload your material to your Bandcamp page for one low fee a month