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Symphonic is a 100% independent company offering digital music distribution services, video distribution, royalty collection, marketing, and more for creators.

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Distribute your music, maximize your reach and earn more.

Alongside our legendary client support team, get the most out of your music with our technology, distribution network, royalty management, music monetization services, and marketing.

Since 2006, we have worked with independent artists, labels, and managers to build and grow their brands and businesses. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.

You push your music locally.

Now, distribute your music and let’s make you global.

Distribute your music to one of the largest networks in the industry. Symphonic distributes your music to over 200 digital service providers ensuring that you’re monetizing every stream and use of your music on Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

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What’s Included:

Get paid for your content on TikTok and YouTube

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Increase your music revenues on TikTok, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, and collect from other user-generated content platforms.

Pay your collaborators, for free

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Our SplitShare™ feature allows you to invite an unlimited amount of collaborators for free and provide them with analytics and automatic payments. Pay engineers, featuring artists, producers, and whomever else you’d like.

Easy, intuitive analytics

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Leverage streaming analytics from Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and more, artist statements, and detailed revenue breakdowns. We are the world’s only music distribution company to offer real time TikTok Analytics.

Plans tailored to your needs.

Whether you’d like to publish music for the first time or have a team behind you, we have worry-free distribution plans that fit your needs based on the stage of your career.

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Starter (Best for Artists)

Start your journey with Symphonic Starter. Keep 100% of your royalties AND you get more tools and analytics than any other music distribution company for only $19.99 a year. We distribute your music to the masses, collect royalties from DSPs, make payment to your collaborators, and more, all while you keep complete ownership of your music.

  • Right for: New Artists and Producers
  • 100% of royalties $19.99 per year / per primary artist
  • Monetize on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat
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Partner (Best for Labels & Established Artists)

For established artists and labels, let’s take it to the next level. You’ll benefit from cutting edge, proprietary technology, catalog management and monetization services, DSP playlist pitching, best in class dedicated client support and marketing tools and services, for a percentage of royalties.

  • Right for: Established Labels, Managers, and Artists
  • Custom Percentage, unlimited artists and releases
  • Personalized Support + Marketing to Spotify and other DSPs

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Unlock the ultimate music distribution service alongside invaluable resources & authentic connections.

Symphonic helps you understand the music industry and engage with our community. From our industry leading blog, live events, video content, Facebook groups, and more, we are more than just a site to upload your music.

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