A scalable, world class technology platform for artists and labels.

Our proprietary technology offers an easy-to-use interface for catalog management, analytics, reporting and royalty payments. Plus, you can specify custom deliveries and invite members of your team with a variety of permission levels.

Split Payments

Split Your Royalties

Our SplitShare™ feature makes the difficult task of sharing revenue automatic and easy. Just add your collaborators, set your splits, recoupment and that is it, for free! We will not charge your collaborators to receive payments.

Symphonic Management System

Unlimited Collaborators

Invite collaborators and once they accept the invitation, they are in for free! Once the collaborators accept the invite, it will make them a new account or they can pick from their existing accounts with us.

Payee Analytics

Our analytics features work for SplitShare™ payees as well! Your collaborators will be able to see breakdowns by partner, territory, and tracks to add further transparency.

Auto Payments

If your collaborator has been enrolled in SplitShare™ they’ll automatically receive their share of your label’s royalties each month directly to their SymphonicMS account every month. 

Royalty & Analytics

Track Release Performance

Stay on top of your streams on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, Deezer and more. Symphonic offers the transparency you need to help you make informed decisions about your releases. In addition, track the playlist placements your music receives on Spotify.

Symphonic Management System

Streaming Analytics

Leverage detailed artist stream information to help drive critical decisions. View breakdowns by: Track, Territory, Release, Partner and more to come.

Artist Statements

See how much each of your artists has earned, enter revenue splits, and download royalty statements to accurately reflect how much your artists are owed.

Revenue Breakdowns

Track revenue by DSP, track, month and more, enabling you to get a sense of where you are performing and what you can do to further optimize.

TikTok Analytics

This new feature helps artists, managers, and indie labels track measurable success on TikTok, and we’re stoked to be able to offer it before anyone else. Symphonic is the world’s only distributor to have this feature! You will not find this anywhere else.

Symphonic Management System

Maximize Your Marketing

This tool makes it easier for creators to understand the TikTok metrics that really matter and helps maximize the impact of their future TikTok marketing campaigns.

Comprehensive Metrics

While view counts get a lot of attention, it’s video creations that actually drive royalties on TikTok. Our proprietary analytics makes the distinction between views and creations, and also shows the number of likes, comments and shares a video generated.

Artist, Track, and Territory Analytics

Ever wonder which track of yours is being used most in TikTok videos and how many views those videos have gotten? Now you can easily see that data for the top five tracks, artists, and territories.

Catalog Management

Catalog Management

The management and delivery system has been meticulously designed to meet the needs of your teams and is constantly fine-tuned for streamlined functionality. Our intuitive dashboard offers simple and effective management for all of your catalog, including split payments, team account creations, and more.

Stick cell

Broader Distribution Network

Distribute your music to 200 digital service providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tik Tok, Instagram, and many more. Plus, we are a preferred Apple Partner!

Expand Globally

Expand your audience internationally to exciting markets such as Africa, Brazil, China, India, Korea, and more.

Generate More Revenue Sources

Deliver music videos and ringtones, plus register for UGC Monetization, copyrights, rights management, and publishing.

Producer / Songwriter Credits

List contributors (such as other artists or producers) to be given proper credit on all DSPs that support them, including Apple and Spotify.

Back Catalog Management

Our patented technology has dramatically improved the back catalog loading process, so you can easily house your entire catalog at Symphonic without worrying about losing playlist placements and stream counts.

Transparency Across Your Team

Give team members access to your account, with permissions customized to their roles, allowing you to save time and increase transparency.


Transfer with Ease using TransferTrack

Symphonic has patented technology to help transfer your catalog with a seamless transition maintaining your streaming history, playlists, revenue and more. Enter a UPC or Spotify URL and you will see your data appear within our system.

Playlist covers

Easy to Use

Our patented technology allows you to simply provide us with your release URL and we will be able to obtain all the release details including artwork!

Time Saving

No need to do any manual inputting of release information or metadata. All can be done with the click of a button for better accuracy.

Keep your Streams

Maintain your playlists pickups and stream counts preventing you from losing any revenue.

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