Physical Music Distribution

Get your music into 3,000+ brick and mortar retailers and web stores across North American and beyond.

For decades, physical music distribution has been an important part of artist and label development. Although popularity has fluctuated over the years, physical music sales and vinyl dsitribution services are growing rapidly and showing very encouraging signs for the future. As vinyl sales continue to grow and new independent retail stores continue to expand and open all over the globe, there are no signs of slowing down now. Get in on the action right here with Symphonic’s Physical Music Distribution services.

Artists & Labels must first be accepted as a digital distribution client to be eligible to apply for traditional physical music distribution. There needs to be a demonstrable demand for your releases at physical retail outlets and clients are responsible for manufacturing their releases. Learn more specific criteria here.

Physical Music Distribution

As a Symphonic client, we can help you get your vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and cassettes to retail outlets through our partnership with AMPED Distribution. Our physical distribution offering includes:

  • Global reach
  • State-of-the-art 600,000 square foot warehouse
  • Largest sales force of any distributor
  • Servicing to over 2,000 independent music and video retailers
  • 3,700 unique customers; 16,000 Ship-to locations

Additional offerings included with our Physical Music Distribution service below.

A black vinyl record is placed on a wooden table, showcasing the importance of Physical Music Distribution.


And many more…

Retail Marketing

Our physical distribution service includes marketing support through the following:

  • Inclusion in AMPED’s New Release Guide
  • Monthly newsletter that goes to store owners, buyers, and managers
  • Availability on WebAMI, an online ordering & product lookup platform
  • Product listings on Record Store Day’s website
Vinyl record player
Record and CD store

Co-op Advertising

Clients also have the ability to opt-in to paid retail marketing opportunities including some of the following:

  • Independent retail coalition programs
  • Endcap positioning
  • Listening posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Sale pricing
  • Print advertising

Success Stories

Schoolly D

The legendary Schoolly D’s release “The Real Hardcore” that features an ICE-T, an intro by CHUCK D, and scratches by CODE MONEY + SID WILSON has been a huge success.

This 12” single was a Record Store Day exclusive. It featured hand-painted artwork by Schoolly himself, was available in 4 smoked-out colors, and sold out immediately!


A lot of success for this talented young artist. The first pressing of his “Out Of Touch” reissue on jade green vinyl sold out and similar success on his follow ups.

“Paradise Lost”, his follow up vinyl release was a quick seller followed by a second pressing of the release magenta additionally sold out.

Cornelius Chapel Records

Cornelius Chapel Records is an independent record label based in Birmingham, AL. They are one of Symphonic’s earliest physical distribution clients.

In that time, they have released over a dozen albums by indie rock, americana, and blues artists such as Sarah Lee Langford, Austin Lucas, Alabama Slim, and Janet Simpson.