A master of evocative sounds, French producer Chloé Herry is a dynamic and rhythmic force in the electronic music realm. Known by her alias “CloZee,” she has carved her unique path by bending the traditional boundaries of bass music and infusing her work with a spiritual and evolutionary essence. CloZee partnered with Symphonic for the distribution of her highly anticipated third studio album, “Microworlds,” released on July 21, 2023.


What We Did

Distribution   |   Marketing   |   Client Management


  • Maximizing her global reach, we diligently distributed CloZee’s music to our extensive network of over 200 DSPs (Digital Service Providers). This strategic move ensured that her exceptional sounds resonated with audiences worldwide, creating an unprecedented wave of exposure and engagement for her remarkable music.

Client Management

  • To ensure a seamless and fruitful collaboration, we assigned a dedicated client manager to CloZee, who maintained consistent communication through weekly status and feedback calls. This personalized approach allowed us to meticulously address all aspects of the marketing strategy, execution, and general operations, resulting in a harmonious partnership that fostered excellence.
  • In addition, CloZee received our priority client service, enabling us to expedite deliveries to DSPs. This special treatment afforded her music expedited exposure, cementing her position as a prominent artist within the digital music landscape. Our commitment to superior service played a pivotal role in propelling her music to new heights and achieving unparalleled results.


  • Strategic Album Rollout: CloZee’s team demonstrated exceptional foresight and planning for the “Microworlds” album launch. A meticulously crafted release schedule, complemented by a myriad of compelling marketing drivers, set the stage for a highly successful rollout.
  • Building Anticipation: The well-crafted release plan ingeniously featured three singles, each accompanied by professionally produced official videos. This strategic approach effectively generated excitement and anticipation for the upcoming album.
  • Powerful Marketing Arsenal: A diverse array of marketing drivers bolstered the album’s impact. The comprehensive campaign included targeted press outreach, strategic digital advertising, engaging short form content, prominent artist features, and electrifying festival performances. Additionally, the announcement of a 45 city album release tour added further momentum to the campaign.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We forged strong partnerships with DSP (Digital Service Provider) platforms, proactively presenting the release schedule and marketing plan well in advance. This thoughtful approach allowed for adequate lead time for editorial consideration, enhancing the album’s chances of being prominently featured on DSPs.
  • Inclusivity and Outreach: Notably, the marketing efforts extended to engaging Pride programming. By incorporating Pride-related content and themes, we showcased CloZee’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement.


  • Playlist Domination: Leveraging our targeted approach, the album secured an impressive 46 playlist adds across major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, Pandora, Audiomack, Beatport, NetEase, and SoundCloud. This widespread playlist inclusion amplified the album’s reach to diverse audiences.
  • Streaming Sensation: The album’s compelling content resonated with listeners, resulting in an outstanding milestone of over 3 million album streams and counting. The consistently growing streaming numbers underscore the album’s enduring popularity.
  • Pride Programming Success: In alignment with campaign goals, we achieved a significant breakthrough by securing Pride programming on Spotify’s GLOW playlists in the US & Canada. This strategic placement allowed the album to resonate with LGBTQ+ audiences during Pride celebrations.
  • Cover Star on Spotify: Ahead of the album release, we secured an incredible opportunity for the artist by landing the coveted cover spot on Spotify’s influential Bass Arcade playlist, boasting an impressive following of 970k. This high-profile feature heightened anticipation and drove substantial engagement.
  • Explosive Spotify Growth: Our meticulous marketing efforts delivered remarkable results, culminating in a staggering 49% increase in daily Spotify listeners from before the first single’s release (April 21st) to the album’s highly anticipated launch (July 21st).
  • Follower Surge: Throughout the three-month album rollout, the artist’s Spotify profile experienced a phenomenal boost with over 7,000 new followers. This influx of followers signifies a growing and dedicated fan base, poised to support future releases and engagements.

Top Playlist Pickups

Playlist Pickup

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Spotify Bass Arcade Playlist

Bass Arcade

Spotify Creamy Playlist

“Glow in the Dark”

Spotify Dance Rising Playlist

Dance Rising
“Glow in the Dark”

Spotify New Music Friday Dance Playlist

New Music Friday Dance

Spotify Pixel Garden Playlist

Pixel Garden

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Apple Chilltronics Playlist


Apple Future Dance Hits

Future Dance Hits

Apple Melodic Bass Playlist

Melodic Bass

Apple Heavy Hitters Playlists

Heavy Hitters

Apple New In Dance Playlist

New in Dance

Apple New Music Daily Playlist

New Music Daily

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YouTube Music Released Playlist

Best of the Week

Youtube Music Dance Hotlist Playlist

Dance Hotlist
“Glow in the Dark”

Youtube Music New Dance And Electronic Playlist

New Dance And Electronic

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Audiomack Best of the Week Playlist

Best of the Week

Audiomack Electric Ladies Playlist

Electric Ladies

Audiomack Trending Electronic Playlist

Trending Electronic

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Verified Electronic

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Amazon Music Electronic Feels Playlist

Electronic Feels
“Glow in the Dark”