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Mixing + mastering, at a low cost.

Our custom mixing + mastering service gets you:

Mastering without compromising quality

Packages that are cost-effective

Discounted pricing in bulk

Applying necessary mid-side EQ

Imaging to sound great on any system

Master your song(s) to today’s standards

No muddiness. Brightening the mix.

Optional 48-hour rush delivery

Automation for consistency

Symphonic has teamed up with Stereogram Sound for Comprehensive Mixing and Mastering services. Stereogram Sound has over 15 years of experience spanning production, recording, mixing, and mastering. The team have worked with indie artists and labels alike on a variety of genres including Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Latin, and EDM.

  • Universal Audio Apollo Interface
  • Proprietary Plugin Library (UAD, Plugin Alliance, Soundtoys, Waves, more)
  • Focal Solo 6Be Monitors
  • Yamaha HS8S Subwoofer
  • Treated Control Room
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To prepare for our Comprehensive Mixing + Mastering, it is very important that what you deliver to us is in the appropriate specifications for our engineer to properly finish your project:

  • Bit Rate: 16bit or 24bit
  • File Formats: WAV or AIFF
  • Sample Rates: 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz or 96khz
  • Leave a small amount of silence at the beginning of the track and ensure the tracks fade out smoothly.
  • Ensure your files are not clipping/going over 0dB on the master fader!
  • Please remove the final limiter on your mix bus.  If said limiting and/or compression on the mix is crucial to your music, we are happy to work with it.
  • Label the mixes correctly; correct track number order, track and artist names should be included in the filename for easy organization. These can, however, be changed in mastering if need be.

There is a 20 stem limit for our mixing and mastering services.

Mastering services - music distributor

Upon clicking “Order” below, you will be redirected to our order form which will require you to fill out all relevant details, upload your files, and then finally, pay. We prefer that you provide us Drop Box, Google Drive, and/or WeTransfer links.

We will work on your project and you’ll receive it within a timely fashion, excluding weekends or major holidays.

Mastering services - music distributor

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Because we understand everyone has opinions on how mastered material should sound, our policy is to redo your master one time as per your detailed feedback. We will do this free of charge and only one time per song. Additionally, we cannot and will not process any refund of any kind. It takes a lot of dedication and time for us to be able to master your material, thus we have to protect our time and costs associated. With this said, if you’d like, you are welcome to get in touch with us to discuss this to ensure that we fulfill your expectation.

Mastering services - music distributor
Song Mastering


/per song
  • You Provide Mix
Dolby Atmos Mix + Master


/per song
  • Apple Approved!
Mix + Master


/per song
  • 20 Stem Limit
Special Projects


  • 20+ Stems