Sym + Cosynd

Protecting Your Content is Easy And Affordable.

Cosynd and Symphonic are excited to partner to provide you with affordable, simple copyright services.

You can register a song or an entire album with the U.S. Copyright Office in minutes. You can also create FREE customized split sheets – a simple, one-page agreement that establishes the percentage of any copyright that you and your collaborators each own. Best of all, you can protect all of your copyrights – your music, videos, images, and documents – using Cosynd.

Cosynd saves you time and money – Register your works with the U.S. Copyright Office and create agreements in minutes for a fraction of the typical costs.

Cosynd makes copyright ownership easy – Just answer a few questions to create customized split sheets, work for hire agreements, and other copyright ownership agreements with your collaborators that cover all of your copyrights: music (compositions), videos, visual art, and literature.

Cosynd reduces the paperwork you have to manage – Your copyright ownership can be outlined with just one agreement that all of your collaborators can access, e-sign, and store. You can easily add new content to your agreement with just a few clicks at any time.

Registering your works with the U.S. Copyright Office can pay off in big ways—especially when things go wrong.

Copyright owners that have registered can:

– Use their registration as a public record of ownership.
– File an infringement suit (registration is required before filing, and can take months to complete).
– Collect damages of $150,000 per work plus attorney fees.
– Use their registration as factual evidence of ownership in a court of law.
– Record their registration with the U.S. Customs Service for protection against the importation of infringing copies of your work.

Without a written agreement in place, anyone that you collaborate with has an equal claim of ownership and rights to your content by default under U.S. copyright law, even if you paid them.

When your collaborators aren’t sure who has permission to license or sell your content, it can lead to your copyrights being exploited, lost income, disputes, lawsuits, and more. Taking the time to outline copyright ownership now can help you avoid expensive legal and financial issues later. You also may not be able to register with digital services, publishers, rights societies, etc. without deciding copyright ownership beforehand.

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