Digital Performance Collection (Sound Exchange)

We collect additional royalties from your sound recordings via Sound Exchange

Sound Exchange is an organization that collects royalties on behalf of sound recording copyright owners and artists for any non-interactive transmissions of their music via satellite radio (such as Sirius XM), Internet radio (such as Pandora), as well as cable TV music channels.

We work with Sound Exchange to make sure you get all your digital performance royalties.

  • Over the years SoundExchange has collected a significant amount of royalties on behalf of artists and labels that have yet to register and collect money.
  • After three years, those royalties get distributed to major labels and popular artists based on market share. Yes, that means if you don’t collect your royalties from SoundExchange within three years, they get paid to major labels and music megastars.
  • Symphonic assists in royalty collection via Sound Exchange.
  • We’ve been doing ongoing matches with SoundExchange to identify artists that’ve been missing out on royalties.
  • Many clients still have unclaimed royalties just sitting there.
  • Symphonic will additionally work with clients who wish to have us register and collect on their behalf.

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