Digital Performance Collection (SoundExchange)

We collect additional royalties from your sound recordings via SoundExchange

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Collect your digital performance royalties from non-interactive transmissions of your music via satellite radio as well as cable TV music channels, with SoundExchange.

SoundExchange is the premier music tech organization on a mission to power the future of music through technology, data, and advocacy. SoundExchange is the only organization charged with collecting and distributing digital performance royalties on non-interactive digital radio, like Sirius XM and Pandora. To date, SoundExchange has distributed more than $9 billion in royalties through their proprietary music tech solutions.

Why should you register with SoundExchange?

When your music is played on non-interactive digital radio, you are entitled to collect digital royalties. SoundExchange pays royalties directly to music creators, offering monthly payments at one of the lowest administrative rates in the music industry and paying out most royalties within 45 days of receipt.


What are the benefits of becoming a SoundExchange member?

SoundExchange currently has a community of 570,000 creators and counting. Members can choose to allow SoundExchange to collect royalties internationally through something called neighboring rights.

SoundExchange has more than 50 collections agreements with counterpart organizations in countries across the globe covering 80% of the neighboring rights market outside of the US. Best of all, registering and becoming a member of SoundExchange is free, fast and easy.


Can Symphonic collect these royalties on your behalf?

Symphonic can collect SoundExchange royalties on behalf of sound recording owners and/or rightsholders. However, artists and featured artists are required to handle artist collections themselves to claim their portion of revenue. If you want to start an account to collect your artist portion, you can register here.


I’m already a member of ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. Don’t they do this for me?

The royalties that SoundExchange collects and distributes are for the featured artist and the sound recording copyright owner. ASCAP, BMI and SESAC collect and distribute royalties for the songwriter, composer and publisher. Both satellite radio providers and webcasters pay SoundExchange when they stream music due to their utilization of the statutory license.

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