Ever wanted to produce or record a cover song but weren’t sure of how to get the process started? Our partner Easy Song Licensing is here to help you. Through our partnership, you can easily and cheaply obtain the mechanical licenses required in order to legally sell and distribute cover songs in any format (download, CD, vinyl, etc.).


● Clear 100% of the rights for any song. Easy Song Licensing follows the United States Compulsory Mechanical Licensing law, which makes it possible for them to license any song.

● They Guarantee it. Get Proof of Licensing in 1-2 business days. ESL guarantees their work and they automatically refund your money for Public Domain songs.

● Pay only $16.99 + Royalties. The lowest priced service in the industry. Songs that are in the Public Domain do not require licensing. If Easy Song Licensing discovers that a song is in the Public Domain after you have paid them, they will refund all fees and royalties for that song immediately.


So let’s say you’ve gone into the studio and produced an amazing version of a song by an artist such as Beyonce, or Guns N Roses, or even U2, with Easy Song Licensing, you can obtain a License and legal permission to be able to release that song through Symphonic Distribution. Simple as that! No lawyers, no major expenses, you simply pay the Easy Song Licensing fee + a number of units you intend to sell and you are all set.
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Ready to Obtain A License?

  • You will be redirected to create an account with Easy Song Licensing
  • Beginning this process will give you the ability to License any song for $16.99 + Royalties
  • Once you have this License, you can Distribute the Cover Song!