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As a Facebook Preferred Partner, Symphonic clients can now distribute their music to Facebook and Instagram products like Stories, Reels, and everywhere else Facebook offers a music library – completely free of charge*


Get access to services tailored to your needs.

Distribute, monetize, and expand the reach of your music. These services are powerful alone — but even better when used together.

Digital Music Distribution, Music Marketing

Royalty & Catalog Management

Our proprietary technology offers an easy-to-use interface for reporting, streaming analytics, royalty payments, catalog transfer tools (TransferTrack), split payments, user roles, and more.

Extension of Your Team

Our client support team answers every single email in less than one business day. We pride ourselves as one of the industry’s leading client support teams and offer support in Spanish as well. It has never been easier to work with a support team that is excited to help you.

Advertising, Marketing, and Playlist Pitching

Our team of experts works with you to ensure your product is being recognized on digital platforms and beyond. We’ll give strategy and execute campaigns with advertising, playlist pitching, and more.

How It Works

Music creators can now use Symphonic to distribute their songs for free* to Facebook, Instagram Stories, and Reels.

Apply to Symphonic

Our Team will review your application and get back to you with a decision.

Upload your Music

In just a few easy clicks, upload your songs to Symphonic.

We Deliver your Music to Facebook

Symphonic will deliver your music to Facebook to get your music added to all their products, including Stories, Reels, and everywhere else Facebook and Instagram offer a music library.

You Get Paid!

Every time your music is included in user-generated content across Facebook apps and services, you'll earn money.
About Us

Empowering the independent spirit

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida with footprints in major music markets like Brooklyn, Nashville, Bogotá, and Brazil, Symphonic is one of the leading independent music distribution companies in the industry. Spread throughout the globe, our team casts a wide net across a multitude of locations, culture, lifestyles, and musical backgrounds. It’s our differences that make us interesting, and our shared belief in Symphonic’s core values that bind us together.

Artists We’ve Distributed

*Free Sign Up, Free Delivery*