Illeven Eleven


Illeven Eleven is a breakbeat and bass music label from Chicago, launched in 2004. When Illeven Eleven first signed with Symphonic in 2013, the label was smaller and relatively unknown. Illeven Eleven’s biggest issue was that their content was solely represented on Beatport and no other DSPs, which severely limited revenue.
Symphonic immediately began managing Illeven Eleven’s relationship with Beatport and quickly realized efficiencies that would grow the label’s profile. Additionally, Symphonic distributed the label to a much broader universe of DSPs, including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. Illeven Eleven continues to grow consistently and is regarded as one of the top record labels in the electronic dance music genre.

Genre: Electronic, Bass, Breaks

Services Used and Graphic Results

Distribution | YouTube Services | Client Management


  • Distributed the music to our network of 200+ DSPs for maximum exposure worldwide
  • Custom reporting to management to aid in complex splits

Client Management

  • We assigned a dedicated client manager who engaged on weekly status and feedback calls regarding marketing strategy, execution, and general operations.
  • Provided priority client service, for accelerated deliveries to DSPs.

YouTube Services

  • Symphonic discovered that an Illeven Eleven song went viral as a YouTube meme and was able to digitally fingerprint and monetize the asset.
  • Illeven Eleven was then able to claim thousands of related videos, yielding considerable and consistent revenue.
  • In addition, Symphonic also retrieved back pay from YouTube for the asset that was previously unclaimed.
YouTube Content ID campaign Illeven Eleven