“Wally” is the long-awaited third studio album by Krawk, the Brazilian Trap star who started in the rhyming battles of São Paulo and today accumulates over 300 million plays across the DSPs. The release cycle occurred between February and May 2021, with 5 singles, a full studio album with 17 tracks plus 17 visualizers uploaded on the artist’s YouTube channel. The goal was to not only grow the artist’s fan base, but to establish him as a consolidated talent in the national trap scene.

Genre: Brazilian Hip Hop, Brazilian Urban, Brazilian Trap, Brazilian Funk

What We Did

Distribution  |  Marketing  |  Client Management  |  YouTube Services  |  TikTok Challenge


  • Symphonic distributed his music to our network of 200+ DSPs for maximum exposure worldwide

Client Management

  • Dedicated client manager with weekly status and feedback calls regarding marketing strategy and general operations
  • Provided priority client service, for accelerated deliveries to DSPs

YouTube Services

  •  Activation of YouTube ContentID, enabling monetization of user-generated content and protection of assets


  • Editorial playlist pitching
  • Special project on Deezer – Track by Track album commentary playlist
  • Release cycle included 17 tracks, divided in 5 singles + full album, from February through May
  • Worked tracks include:
    • Eurotrip Pt 2 (1.2M streams on Spotify + 2.1M views on YouTube)
    • A 1 Passo (1M Streams on Spotify + 1.1M views on YouTube)
    • Rainha (300K streams on Spotify + 1M views on YouTube) 
    • Famoso (300K streams on Spotify + 855K views on YouTube)
    • Fake Homies (300K streams on Spotify + 242K views on YouTube)
  • Pick up across Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, and SoundCloud

Playlist Pickup

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Dose Trap

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This Is Krawk

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Novidades da Semana

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Trap Ouro

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Trap Classe

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Rolê Trap

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Mix da Semana

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Poder Hip Hop

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Brazilian Slang

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Brisa Trap

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Lançamentos da Semana

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Radar Rap

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Radar Trap

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Feature – Faixa a Faixa

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Fresh Trap

A man with red hair and sunglasses with the words fresh trap.


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Parada Rap

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Fresh Rap

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New BR Rap

new br pop


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Pega a Visão

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Novidades do Dia

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Rimas Brasileiras

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TikTok Challenge

Tik Tok dance challenge in cooperation with Aloha Media


The Tik Tok dance challenge for the track “Rambo” got over 713 videos created and more than 3.5 Million views.

Krawk TikTok challenge

Listener Stats

  • 15K new Monthly Listeners on release day
  • Growth of 84K Monthly Listeners in 2 weeks
  • 1500 new followers in a month following release
Spotify Ranks
  • CPP Rank got stable after end of the release cycle, creating a more sustainable and established audience from where the artist can grow next cycle
CPP Rank
  • Peak of 1.1M views on channel the day after the release
  • 8.2 Million views on channel in a month following release
YouTube Channel results
  • 20K new subscribers in 7 days after release
Krawk Case Study YouTube
  • Artist got most streams ever on Monday after album release
Krawk Spotify streams
  • Peak of new Deezer fans on day of release
Krawk YT Results