Music Marketing

Our music marketing and promotions team combines years of experience with powerful business intelligence tools.

Streaming data and marketing challenges

Why We Market You

  • We win when you win. Our interests are aligned with yours so we have every incentive to promote your music.
  • We understand that marketing’s goal, especially in the realm of music marketing, is to build and retain a large fan base – playlisting is just a piece of that.
Client Marketing

What You Need To Do

  • Release amazing music. Be an engaging artist who offers audiences something in sound, sight and mind.
  • Submit your marketing drivers 6 weeks before your release date to give time for the marketing team to review.
  • Use our platform tools to maximize algorithmic playlisting chances with detailed, correct metadata.
  • Utilize our free presave feature to let your fans know about your release early and build the hype.

What You’ll Get From Us

Robust Platform

A robust platform to allow for loading your music and the ability to enter and alter marketing drivers as your story progresses.

Maximum Effort

A promise to do our best. We can’t promise pick up… no one can. But we’ll market your release to the best of our ability and give you the tools and data to track results.


All releases submitted with completed drivers will be pitched to relevant DSPs.


Select releases will be elevated and individually highlighted in our monthly meetings with DSPs.

Third Party Pitching

Certain releases will be pitched to third party curators and brand partners via our brand, Streaming Promotions.

Company Support

You’ll receive support from our Corporate Marketing team who will showcase your music on our channels and playlists.

DIY Tools

Technologies from us and our partners to help you market. PreSaves, promotional mailer tech, a DIY Ad Campaign creator + more!

Additional Offerings

Ability to purchase additional marketing services such as digital advertising, marketing plans, releases strategy packages, YouTube optimization and more.

Our Music Marketing Services

Playlist Promotions

Our team of experts have helped secure inclusion of our clients’ music to playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and many other DSPs. We also work with third party curators to further expand the reach of our clients’ music to even more listeners.

Release Strategy

Every campaign starts with a unique strategy customized for the moment. We’ll create a plan and provide a schedule for us to work together throughout the campaign. We focus heavily on artist and brand growth, introduction to the market, pivoting, and pitching to media sources.

Digital Advertising

Advertising campaigns can help to drive attention to your release in ways that playlists can’t. Our team can set up ads across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms to help drive results.

Audience & Brand Analysis

A strong brand and visual appearance is essential for promoting a release and getting noticed by DSPs. We will review your digital properties and provide creative design services to help bring your brand to the next level.

Creative Design

Our team of designers is available for stunning graphic design and video assets that can be used across your campaigns. From release packages to logos, we’ll make your music look as great as it sounds.

Music Marketing Tools

Every distributed account receives access to tools and resources within your dashboard. You can see how your material is performing via TikTok, have access to send out promo mailers to your fans, presave and smart link creation (Hypeddit), as well as ad tools (

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