Peter Pan Records


Peter Pan Records is a record label owned by Inspired Studios. The label dates back to 1948 and was owned by the Synthetic Plastics Company of Newark, New Jersey until the 1970s. 

Due to lack of organization, the label had a significant amount of music that was never released to the public. Their former distributor did not give the catalog the attention it deserved. Peter Pan Records did not have the technical capability to properly load and distribute this music at the time, and was therefore missing out on a great deal of revenue.

Genre: Children’s Music

What We Did

Distribution   |   Client Management   |   YouTube Services


  • Symphonic transferred over 10,000 titles from the Peter Pan catalog and ingested those into Symphonic’s proprietary technology platform.
  • Distributed the label’s music to our network of 200+ DSPs for maximum exposure worldwide.
  • Provided custom reporting to management to aid in complex splits to over 1,000 contributors.

Client Management

  • We assigned a dedicated client manager who engaged on weekly status and feedback calls regarding marketing strategy and general operations.
  • Provided priority client service, for accelerated deliveries to DSPs.

YouTube Services

  • Symphonic was also able to increase the client’s revenue by introducing YouTube’s Content ID service to Peter Pan Records, thereby ensuring the label collected its royalties on content that had been posted and shared by many fans on the platform.