Publishing Administration (Registration & Processes)

Register your songs, get royalty info, and more in this all in one resource

This page will serve as your resource for song registration (whether that is individual and/or bulk registration) as well as give you quick links to any resources that may help you. We recommend you bookmark this page as you will need to frequent it in order to submit new material.

If you only have one song at a time…..

Then this form is the one for you. Each and every time you want to register, you can come to this page to do so. Please ensure correctness.

Have more than 1 song? No problem!

Click here to download a spreadsheet and then upload it so we can register everything you have at once!

Royalty Info

Important information regarding royalties…..

Every quarter, we’ll send you a statement and will send you instructions on how you can invoice us + provide us tax details to receive payment. In addition, you may have these questions as well and hope that these answer!

When are royalties reported?
How long before I see royalties?

Support Help Desk

All the info you need to know!

If you want to know more about our Publishing Administration service as well as Publishing in general, click here! We also have a resource for Frequently Asked Questions. Our Help Desk has a lot of information that may help you. If you still have a question, we welcome you to create a request!