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Get the scoop on collecting all the royalties you are rightfully owed

Free Guides on Music Publishing

Did you know that there is more to music than playing live shows and selling merchandise? Royalty collection is a complex business but as an independent artist, knowing your rights and what kinds of royalties you may be earning is crucial to maximizing your income. Music Publishing is the business of collecting royalties for the usages of songwriters’ musical compositions. Symphonic Distribution offers a worldwide Publishing Administration service to make one of the most complicated aspects of the music industry SYMple. We register our songwriters’ compositions to collect all their rightfully-owed music publishing royalties. You can start learning more about one of the biggest and most important aspects of the music industry below! This downloadable publishing guide will help you make the most money for the music you produce.

Inside You Will Learn About:

  • The basics of music publishing
  • Where the money comes from
  • Publishing terminology
  • Relationship between licensing and publishing
  • How Symphonic can help you collect worldwide publishing royalties
  • And much more!