Register with a PRO: Foreign

(for non-USA citizens)

Citizen of another country other than the USA?

Never been affiliated with any PRO in the world?

Here are the detailed guidelines to help you register with BMI!

1.   BMI Application Forms

Download this form : BMI Foreign Writer Kit (click here to download)

Fill out the fields in the spaces highlighted in yellow.
Print, sign it by hand in the signature fields indicated, scan, and save to your computer.

NOTE:  You MUST sign these forms by hand.  BMI will not accept a digital signature.  

2.   BMI Tax Form (“W-8BEN”)

Download the form below.  Follow the directions to fill it out.  You can fill out the entire form digitally, except that you must sign the signature field by hand with a pen. You are filling this form out as the “beneficial owner” of your BMI royalties.  You are the beneficial owner. If any questions, we recommend you check out

Download this form : W-8BEN Form (click here to download)

– Put your full legal name in item 1.
– Put your country of citizenship in item 2.
– Put your address (where you live – NOT a P.0. box) in item 3.
– Leave item 4 blank if you don’t have a second mailing address.
– You must fill out item 5 OR 6.
– Please enter your Tax ID number your country has administered to you in item 6.
– Only fill out item 5 if you have obtained an EIN number from the IRS in the USA.
– You must fill out item 8 with your date of birth.
– Leave item 7 blank.
– Fill out item 6 with your Tax ID number, given by your country’s government.   This is required. 
– If you have an EIN issued by the IRS in the USA, fill that in item 6 – if you do not have this number, do not fill out this section.
– Fill out items 9 and 10 if applicable.
– Print, sign by hand with a pen, and scan.

3.  Send full application materials to BMI. 

Copy and paste the text below into the body of your email:

Dear BMI Writer Relations,

Attached to this email are my application materials for BMI affiliation as a foreign writer.

Included within:

1)  W8BEN form 

2)  1 copy of application 

3)  2 copies of signed contract

Please let me know if there are any issues with my application materials.

Thank you,


Compile the BMI Application Kit & your W-8BEN tax form.  Attach the two documents to the email.

Send the email to, with the subject line:

“Foreign Writer Affiliation Application – Your Full Name.”

4.  Approximately 24 hours later
BMI will send you a confirmation email of successful affiliation.  The confirmation email includes a link to BMI Online Services.  Follow the directions and set up your BMI online account username and password.