Register with a PRO: USA

(for USA citizens)

Are you a USA-based writer?

Never been affiliated with a PRO?

Here are our detailed guidelines to help you!

1. Go to:

2. Click “I am a Songwriter/Composer.”

3.  Follow the steps & enter all information required.


– You will need your Social Security Number and date of birth on hand.

– You MUST use your full legal name to register NOT your artist name.  When the form asks for your artist monikers, indicate your name(s) there.

– Remember that the address you include on this form will be the address your paychecks get sent to.

– If you end up reading the entire contract, don’t worry. It looks long and complicated but it’s not!  Don’t get concerned with the legal language either. This is a standard contract that all professional songwriters sign at some point in their careers.

4.  Once you finish, a few days later, you will receive your official confirmation of membership by email.  Within the confirmation email, BMI will give you your own unique songwriter identification number, called a CAE/IPI number