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Symphonic and SHARE have partnered to empower our creators to easily distribute their music using peer-to-peer, pay-for-access streaming. On SHARE, users can stream and monetize creator content with no ads, no subscriptions, and no sign-ups. You can receive income straight to your digital wallet after uploading your content as a SHARE smart contract!

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The new mixtape format. Create smart contract playlists and monetize your creativity peer-to-peer using micro-transactions. Instant payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or cryptocurrency. Instant splits with collaborators and permissionless curation.  No curators, third parties, or marketing drivers. It’s you, your fans, and your digital wallet for instant payments.

Embeddable player

Beyond audio, SHARE also helps you create smart contract videos––vlogs, behind-the-scenes experiences, music, or any idea you can imagine. All are compatible with your existing devices.

Time-bound experiences

Set a date in the future when your media expires, making it as scarce as you want. You control what you want to do with your music whenever, wherever. Perfect for pre-release strategy or exclusive music or videos that you want to provide to your audience.

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Token-gated access

Engage Web2 and Web3 fans. Allow exclusive or premium access to your experiences. Decide if access is limited to holders of a certain token (e.g. NFT), or if holders receive a premium benefit such as free access to content that would otherwise require payment.

Distribute + Promote in Web3

Work in the new world of Web3 without hassle.
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