Symphonic is headquartered in sunny Tampa, Florida with footprints in major music markets like Brooklyn, Nashville, Los Angeles, Montreal, Bogotá, and São Paulo. In addition, we also have representatives in Atlanta, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nigeria, Spain, and South Africa.


We were founded in Tampa, Florida and our headquarters are located in the historic Tampa Theatre Building. This is the primary home for our Operations, Company Marketing, Technology, Finance, and Client Support teams.

Symphonic Tampa HQ Office in Tampa Theatre
Symphonic Tampa Office
Symphonic Office
New York skyline


Our office in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the primary home for our Client Development and Client Marketing teams. At the epicenter of independent music, we are just over the bridge from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube, SoundCloud, and many other DSPs.


Our expansion into the city of Bogotá is to support our thriving Latin clients. Our team here supports Artist Marketing and Strategy, Client Management, and Operations specific to the Latin market.

Symphonic California Office
Symphonic Office
A symphonic lounge with couches and chairs in front of a mural.
Carmarthen inn & suites - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offers symphonic suites.


Symphonic Nashville is located in the historic Orbison Building (of Roy Orbison “Pretty Woman” fame) just steps from Nashville’s Music Row. Located in the heart of Music City, the Nashville office serves as a creative outpost for the company headquartering our client marketing team, music publishing and administration operation, Streaming Promotions, and our YouTube/TikTok/UGC Monetization team.


Brazil’s rich culture and highly esteemed music scene is vibrant, full of culture, and one that we’ve always been fascinated by. In 2021 we expanded to São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro with the goal of ensuring that creators have the necessary tools, solutions, and service offerings to grow and be heard beyond the region.

Symphonic Brazil office
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