UGC Management

Unlock your music's full earning potential on user generated content websites such as Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

YouTube Content ID

Symphonic will protect, monitor, and monetize your sound recordings and publishing catalogs on YouTube. We also claim user-generated iterations (UGC) to maximize earnings on your content.

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Facebook & Instagram

Delivering your content to Rights Manager for Facebook and Instagram allows us to monetize your sound recording catalog through Stories, Reels, Music Stickers, and ad-supported posts that conform with platform rules.

Emerging Platforms

Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch, and Triller are growing by leaps and bounds in their use of music, and Symphonic is going to be there – delivering catalogs for the most cutting-edge apps that use music getting the most revenue possible for our clients.

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SoundCloud remains a great platform for directly sharing music with fans. Symphonic can monetize your tracks and profile on SoundCloud and deliver your catalog to the subscription service SoundCloud.

Fingerprinting Sites

Platforms such as ACRCloud, Audible Magic, and Pex Attribution Engine monitor numerous platforms for iterations of catalog. Symphonic delivers to these in order to maintain the best “big data” picture of releases across the industry and gain advantage for protection of IP, and to maintain the most thorough monetization strategies available.

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