Sabotage is a well-known rapper and songwriter from Brazil who released his first album in 2001. His influence as a musician was crucial for the growth of Hip Hop in Brazil, and he is often considered the greatest Brazilian rapper of all time. However, Sabotage was shot and killed in 2003, leaving his catalog to be controlled by his estate. The estate’s goals are to re-master Sabotage’s older songs and release collaborations with the new generation of rap artists in Brazil to expose Sabotage to a newer, wider audience.

Genre: Brazilian Hip Hop, Deep Funk Carioca, Brazilian Electronica, Brazilian Reggae, Funk Ostentacao

What We Did

Catalog Transfer   |   Catalog Enhancement   |   Distribution   |   Payment Technology   |   Marketing

Catalog Transfer

  • Utilized Symphonic’s patented catalog transfer technology TransferTrack to transfer the catalog. In this efficient, accurate process, no playlist placements were lost, and there was no loss of revenue during the transition.


  • Symphonic distributed the Sabotage catalog to over 200 DSPs for maximum exposure worldwide.

Catalog Enhancement

  • Sabotage’s metadata had not been updated in years. Symphonic optimized metadata and updated to current standards. This allowed the catalog to trigger relevant algorithms to maximize streams and revenue.
  • Symphonic updated and tagged collaborating artists’ profile pages. Prior to this, these artists were seen only as “various artists,” but now, Sabotage can increase streams by utilizing the “like artists” algorithms.

Payment Technology

  • Because the catalog is owned by an estate with multiple parties involved, Symphonic enabled split payments. All payees have visibility on analytics and a clear earnings statement.


  • Symphonic worked with the estate to release Monstro Invisivel.
  • Editorial pitching and metadata clean up resulted in overall 35% increase in playlist pickups.

Playlist Placements & Features

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this is sabotage playlist pitch
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boom rap playlist pitch
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salve o rap playlist pitch
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brazilain strut playlist pitch
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apple essentials playlist pitch
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100 sabotage deezer playlist pitch
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radar rap playlist pitch
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rediscover sabotage amazon playlist pitch


Novas musicas playlist pitch


“From the moment that we were talking to Symphonic about signing a deal we were comfortable. They understood the importance and heritage of Sabotage and to ensure that the family estate would be protected. They helped to transfer our catalog, make sure that everything remained the way it was with playlists and streams and did it with ease and positivity. Their tech support, technology is 5 stars. The team based in Brazil listen to us, respect us, and have delivered on what they promised, to ensure that Sabotage would be remembered and continue to be in the hearts and minds of his fans. Our main theme for Sabotage is that “Rap Is Commitment” and we’re committed to Symphonic because they are committed to us.”

– Karina Spinoza, Sabotage Family Estate