Deliver And Monetize on SoundCloud

Earn royalties from the distribution of your music to SoundCloud

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About SoundCloud Monetization:

  • Sign up as a Digital Distribution client where this is included!

  • You can distribute your music to the SoundCloud “Go” platform.

  • Get paid on a monthly basis along with other DSPs.

  • Songs are automatically monetized and linked to your artist profile(s).

  • No additional sign-up fee, and you earn 70% of all royalties.

How It Works:

    • As simple as selecting “Soundcloud” when preparing your release to be uploaded to multiple DSP’s

    • Song uploads that we do on your behalf will search for uses of your music on Soundcloud profiles and claim the material. 

    • You will have the control to “Allow” other profiles from uploading your material if you wish.

    • Your uploads you do on your own and through us can be linked onto one profile.

    • Additional review and opt in may be required however, the service is included in most Digital Distribution deals.

Monetize on Soundcloud

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