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What is Symphonic Starter?

Symphonic Starter gives you the ability to keep 100% of royalties while accessing more tools and analytics than any other distributor. We help you grow your music, upload your music, sell your music online, collect royalties and split payments all while you maintain the rights to your music.

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Terms and Conditions

* Requires identity verification
* Must be at least 18 years old
  • Symphonic Starter is best for emerging artists and accounts are limited to one primary artist.

  • Get your music on 200+ service providers including Spotify, Apple, TikTok, Triller, Instagram and specialty partners* like Beatport!

  • Fast customer support by real humans!

  • Keep 100% of your earnings and rights

  • FREE royalty splits/payments to collaborators, featuring artists, graphic designers, or anyone you'd like to pay

  • Get paid from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more

  • Collect Publishing & SoundExchange royalties

  • Monthly Royalty Payouts from all of the major DSPs

  • Enable whatever access you'd like to your team.

  • Amazing Analytics (TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, and more)

  • Pre-save, Marketing Mailer tools and much more!

Unlock Spotify Discovery Mode

Symphonic helps you unleash your music with the power of Spotify Discovery Mode

Want to increase the reach of your music, and sell your music online? Symphonic is integrated with Spotify for its “Discovery Mode” program. We can enroll your account and associated tracks and give you the visibility to see how they are performing.  If you ever want to step back, no worries – you can opt out anytime.

Symphonic Starter vs. Other Options

Symphonic offers more tools, faster, and better support at a lower cost.

Pricing Page
  Symphonic CD Baby DistroKid Tunecore UnitedMasters
Annual Fee $19.99 $0 (Release Fees) $22.99 (and Limiting) $14.99 (and Limiting) $59.99
Customer Service Response Time 1 day (by humans) Days Days Days Days
Speed of Delivery to DSPs 3-5 days 3-5 days 1-7 days 5 days+ 7-10 days
Fees per Release Never! single: $9.95
album: $29
$0 single: $9.99
album: $29.99
(per year/or $0 for unlimited)
Pre-Scheduled Release Dates Yes, included for free Yes No, requires $35.99/year upgrade Yes, included for free Yes
Individual User Roles Yes No  No No No
Amazing Analytics (Playlist, TikTok & YouTube Analytics) Yes Yes, but limited No Yes, but limited Yes
Split Payment Fee $0 Not offered Yes / $19.99 a year per each collaborator Not offered $0
SoundExchange Collection Yes Yes No No No
YouTube, Content ID, and all other UGC $0 + 30% $0 + 30% 20% + $4.95 per single, and $14.95 for each release of 2+ songs, per year $0 + 20% Content ID for $59.99 per year
Music Publishing $100 lifetime fee $100 Not available $75 lifetime fee Not available
$19.99 // Get Started

Get Access to Resources & Support for Indie Artists

Symphonic helps you understand the music industry, reach your audience, and engage our community.

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Our Symphonic Blog is one of the leading resources for the music industry. It contains the latest trends in marketing, monetization, and more.

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Join our Facebook Groups for networking opportunities with other members of our community in the US and Latin America.

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Be the first to hear about our educational events, conferences, webinars, and networking sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Symphonic distribute to?

We distribute to hundreds of different outlets and digital service providers. To check out our list of current partners, click here. We are always adding new distribution partners to our network.

Will I be locked into a long-term, exclusive deal?

Through Starter you will have a non-exclusive deal where you are still allowed to work with other distributors in addition to us. You own your music, keep your rights, we’re only the platform that helps you get your music out there and gives you advanced technology to help elevate your career.

What other services does Symphonic offer?

Symphonic provides many different services including Video Distribution, YouTube and SoundCloud Monetization, Publishing Administration and Sync Licensing. Signing up is only the beginning!

Why is this better than DistroKid and others?

Symphonic Starter gives you more than DistroKid and other distributors. You receive advanced technology that shows stream performance, TikTok analytics, YouTube videos created using your content, playlist placements, and, we let you split royalties to collaborators for free. Simply put, we give you more features than competitors who will upcharge you. You also get distributed to one of the largest DSP networks in the world allowing you to attract more listeners and earn more money.

How many artists and releases can I have on an account?

Under Starter, clients must utilize one primary artist on all releases under the account. You can have unlimited releases with that primary artist and bring on as many featuring and remixer artists as you’d like.

What is the refund policy for Starter?

There are no refunds once you join Starter and if you cancel your account, you will have access for it until the term of one year expires at which point your content will be taken down.

When will I get paid?

Symphonic issues payments on a monthly basis. You may review our payment schedule. In order to collect payments, you must provide up-to-date payment and tax information. Your balance will remain active on your account until payments are claimed.

How much will it cost me?

Only $19.99 a year to upload unlimited music! No additional fees per release. You also get more than what others are offering, such as the ability to have a custom C and P line, choose the partners to deliver to, TikTok Analytics, free SplitShare of royalties to collaborators and more.

How much of my money will Symphonic keep?

You will keep 100% of royalties from the distribution of your music to Apple, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora and many more. Like most of the industry, there are some percentage fees for User Generated Content revenue collection such as YouTube.

Will you do marketing if I sign up under this plan?

Symphonic will not be able to pitch your material to DSPs under this plan. We do have Marketing services available for fees where you can apply as well as a third-party playlist pitching service called Streaming Promotions that you can take advantage of if approved.

How is this different from Partner?

This plan is a DIY (Do It Yourself) plan that allows you to get started on your journey of the music industry and Symphonic. Starter is fee based ($19.99 per year for a primary artist and unlimited releases). Our Partner plan is by application only, including personalized support, as well as marketing to DSPs. We charge a percentage for that level of support and you can have unlimited artists.

What genres are accepted under Symphonic Starter?

All genres are accepted for Symphonic Starter with some exceptions. Electronic music that’s sent to Beatport will need to be approved by them. When it comes to classical music, the program is not beneficial to them because unless the client is playing every instrument it’s not going to work.

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